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Lancaster’s most trusted physical therapy clinic!

Established over 20 years ago, Rivera Physical Therapy is a trusted family-owned physical therapy clinic. We are known for empowering patients so they understand the purpose of therapy and become active participants in their recovery. Clients choose us for our experienced therapists who help create individualized treatment plans and provide one-on-one care.

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First in Lancaster to use advanced LightForce Class IV Deep Tissue Laser technology to cure injuries & chronic pains.

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Professional sports teams from all over the world are using Class IV Deep Tissue Laser to keep their athletes healthy. FDA approved, natural, and safe, this advanced laser therapy uses powerful light energy called photons. The scientific process is called Photobiomodulation and is backed by hundreds of scientific studies. The laser treatments stimulate tissues at the cellular level to promote healing. The treatments feel great and most patients feel relief within three sessions.


Patient Reviews

  • Louis, I wanted to commend you and the rest of your team at Rivera Physical Therapy for the work you have done over the past 13 years for the Kellogg’s Lancaster Plant. Working together, we have been able to achieve World Class Injury Rates. I appreciate your team’s work with creating Functional Job Descriptions and providing Ergonomic Training for employees. The Kellogg’s Lancaster Plant is proud to partner with your company on Ergonomic Studies, Job Training, Post Offer Screening and Biomechanical Evaluations. Partnering with Rivera Physical Therapy has been a game changer for our plant. I look forward too many more years of working together to keep the Kellogg’s Lancaster employees safe.
    David Wright | Plant Director
    Kellogg Lancaster Plant
  • Rivera therapy is the way back from surgery or injury towards recovery. The staff is a reflection of the great reputation it has earned from me, as a business owner if recovery with therapy is needed Rivera is the place to bring you back to your normal life!
    Pieter Hegeman

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