Rivera has been providing physical therapy services to its patients for over two decades. Our treatment plans are personalized and only made available after a thorough examination. All the therapists employed at Rivera have Direct Access and are licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. To avail any of the following services, please book a consultation and we’ll be happy to help!

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

We aim to create treatment plans that decrease pain and increase flexibility, agility, and strength. This is why our Orthopedic Physical Therapy begins with an initial assessment to ascertain the root cause of pain, followed by a treatment that restores function and prevents recurrence. The service is suitable for fracture rehabilitation, ligament tear, scoliosis, and more..

Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Used by professional sports teams, Class IV Deep Tissue Laser helps heal new and chronic injuries. FDA, safe and effective, this advanced laser technology stimulates the healing of the injured tissues at the cellular level using natural, powerful laser light. Laser may help with the following problems: arthritis, muscle strains, ligament sprains, tendon tears, gout and many chronic pain syndromes. Results are usually noticed within three to six sessions. No prescription is required to receive laser.

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Dizziness and vertigo can cause a sensation of rocking or spinning even when you’re perfectly steady. If left untreated, vertigo symptoms can last for days, even causing nausea and vomiting. At Rivera, we perform non-invasive tests to confirm where your vertigo is coming from and help you avoid symptoms for good within a couple of treatment days.

Sports & Exercise Medicine

Improve your athletic performance, restore mobility, and prevent future injuries from sports or exercise with our Sports Medicine program. Designed with individual goals in mind, the treatment plan uses the most up-to-date sports medicine techniques so you can return to an active lifestyle, quickly and without any further injuries.

Total Joint Rehabilitation

The total joint patient benefits from receiving several physical therapy sessions prior to surgery. These sessions focus on appropriate exercises to prepare you for your total joint replacement. After surgery your physical therapy will consist of pain control, range of motion, strengthening and dynamic balance exercises. We discharge you with a custom home program that enables you to improve even when you have completed our program.

Balance Program

Patients with balance problems need physical therapy to help strengthen their core and improve coordination. Our experienced therapists help rehabilitate patients affected by injury or illness with personalized static and dynamic Balance Exercises aimed at core stabilization as well as developing the vestibular and musculoskeletal system.

Manual Therapy

Designed to restore tissue function, increase mobility, and correct imbalances, Manual Therapy uses kneading and pressure to heal old and new injuries. At Rivera, we create treatment plans that are unique to each patient, focusing on helping them reach their optimal level of function while increasing their overall range of motion.

Injury Prevention

Ignoring pains in your neck, ankle, knee, elbow, or other parts of your body can lead to injuries and unnecessary discomfort. A routine physical therapy exam can detect early risk factors and provide treatment for chronic pains. With its help, you can prevent any future injuries, correct imbalances, and return to an active lifestyle minus the pain.

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